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Carbon Filter and DI Tank Service

On this page you will find videos that will guide you through the process of servicing your GWT water systems Carbon Filters and DI Tank along with detailed written instructions. If you have any questions or need further help please feel free to head to our SUPPORT page or contact our 24/7 line for further assistance.

Carbon Filter Service

1. Turn off production pump.


2. Turn off supply water.


3. Push red button on top of blue filter housing to relieve pressure.


4. Remove filter housing by turning counterclockwise. (Hint: hold filter wrench in your right hand and push toward left hand.)

5. Remove filter; replace with new.

6. Install filter housing by turning housing clockwise until tight. (Handtight only)


7. Turn on supply water and check for leaks.


8. Turn on production pump.

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DI Tank Service

*Important Note* While changing your DI can, your GWT system cannot deliver water to your analyzer. Plan to perform this service during down time. 


1. Ball valves on white and blue lines should be shut off.

2. Relieve pressure by opening valve on black vent tube coming from top of the canister.

3. Remove black vent tube from top of canister; insert into white fitting top of new canister.

4. Remove elbows (tire fittings) one at a time by loosening retaining ring; place in the same position on the new canister, hand tighten retaining rings.

5. Open valve on blue tube (tube into downflow inlet [left elbow]) until steady stream of water comes out of black vent tube; when steady stream of water appears, close valve and open valve on white tubing.


6. You have successfully changed a DI Canister.

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