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Compact, Quiet and Sophisticated

At General Water Technologies, we understand that lab space is at a premium, so you can be confident that whatever your lab grade ultra-pure water needs, GWT will fulfill them in the smallest space possible. Robust flows delivered in compact footprints are an emphasis for us, and a value added to our clients.

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most popular and cost effective water purification method available today. Pertinent to the lab/clinical reagent space, RO systems remove the vast majority of water contaminants including bacteria, pesticides, fluoride and other dissolved ions.

Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionized (RO/DI) systems incorporate mixed bed resin polishing processes and water quality monitoring for a higher standard lab grade water used in diagnostic analyzers, plating applications, sterile processing, and other product development. This type of pure water is known as Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water, or Type I.

General Water Technologies specializes in providing this type of pure water to its clients in a systematic footprint that is compact, easy to operate, and sleek in design, all at an economic cost centered on a dynamic, additive lab element.

Complexity -vs- Sophistication

Great benefits are realized by engineering feedwater systems from the ground up. Limitless technologies 
can be utilized.

Open architectures provide flexibility to quickly incorporate any improvement or refinement.



Intelligent Design, Green Technology,
& Recyclability

General Water Technologies’ assembles cutting edge, highly compact, superior yield, water purification systems that enable clinical laboratory scientists to meet daily challenges. 

21st Century
RO Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis or RO is an environmentally safe, cost effective method to de-mineralize and purify lab water. General Water Technologies’ 9000 Series systems are engineered to produce RO water of the highest quality.

Water – NOT Filters

General Water Technologies provides water, not filters. Our goal and commitment to our clients is to provide a trouble-free water purification system that exceeds expectations in both quality

and service.

Our Commitment: General Water Technologies guarantees you WILL NOT have a water purification problem left unresolved. GWT is committed to resolving your water purification problems and making them disappear permanently.

The Science Behind Reverse Osmosis

A solution with a high salt concentration is separated by a semi-permeable membrane from a solution with a low salt concentration. In normal osmosis, water molecules from the side with low salt begin permeating the membrane into the high salt concentration solution.

Deionized Water Systems

Previously, high purity water was used only in limited applications. Today, deionized (Dl) water has become an essential ingredient in hundreds of applications including: medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics manufacturing, food processing, plating and countless industrial processes (even the final rinse at the local car wash).

Reagent Grade Water & Laboratory Water Systems

Laboratory Water Systems Improve control in critical diagnostic procedures by using Reagent Grade Water in place of deionized or distilled water.

Type I & Type II Water

Type 1 water systems are some of the most common types of systems we design and install. Type 1 water (also known as reagent grade or ultrapure water) is used for numerous types of critical laboratory applications.


Inquiries and Ordering

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