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21st Century RO Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis or RO is an environmentally safe, cost effective method to de-mineralize and purify lab water. General Water Technologies’ 9000 Series systems are engineered to produce RO water of the highest quality.

This is critical as reusable medical devices and surgical instruments that come in contact with sterile tissue or the vascular system require Sterilization before each use.

Stainless steel instruments may appear bright and shiny. However, under a microscope, the surface is rough and prone to entrap impurities from soils and water.

Surgical instrument spotting, staining and corrosion are serious problems. These problems can impair function, interfere with sterilization and shorten instrument life which results in increased cost.

Stainless steel is comprised of iron, carbon, chromium, nickel, manganese, silica and many other metals in lower amounts. Chromium allows the surface of stainless steel to become passivated. This property gives stainless steel the ability (like our skin) to heal itself. Chemicals, disinfectants, destainers, chlorine or sodium chloride and minerals from water damage the passive layer and the environment. 

In contrast to spots, stains are deeper and adhere more tightly to stainless steel. A symptom of continued mineral staining is a rain-bow-like appearance on the surface of an instrument.

Sterilization experts advise that mineral spotting from water can be avoided through the use of de-mineralized RO water in the final rinse. In addition, mineral spotting from steam impurities can also be avoided by making sure that steam quality is high. 

Implementing a GWT 9000 Series system into your sterile process assures the highest quality demineralized RO water. Besides improved appearance, the benefits from high quality RO water are reduced costs for labor, consumables and expensive

instrument replacement. 

Whether you are in a hospital central sterile department, a surgery center, a clinic or a private office, let us evaluate your sterilization challenges. Together, we can select the right GWT 9000 Series system to optimize water quality, simplify your process, reduce costs and improve patient care. All GWT 9000 Series systems are engineered to deliver large volumes at critical intervals to match your sterilizer cycle requirements.

GWT 9000 Series systems have the lowest acquisition costs, the lowest yearly consumable figures and a service program that extends full warranty protection for the entire life of the system. Every GWT 9000 Series system is designed with green technology and the list of advantages goes on. 

A GWT 9000 Series system is an excellent choice for high quality demineralized RO sterilizer rinse water.

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