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Intelligent Design, Green Technology, 
& Recyclability

General Water Technologies’ assembles cutting edge, highly compact, superior yield, water purification systems that enable clinical laboratory scientists to meet daily challenges. From routine analysis to pioneering new discoveries, GWT feed water systems provide the foundation for reliable, consistent and repeatable analytical outcomes.

GWT’s industry leading innovations assure that our dedicated professionals are confident about the quality Of their feed water. High-end components and quality materials assure that our client/ partners are free to resolve complex analytical challenges, make improvements in patient diagnostics, increase throughout and improve overall productivity.

A GWT feed water system simplifies daily operation, provides ease of use and enables your lab to function better. 

General Water Technologies is dedicated to being an eco-friendly organization. Every GWT water purification system is designed and assembled to preserve energy and natural resources. The revolution- ary 21st century architecture is designed with energy efficiency, system reliability, extended useful life and component recyclability. 

GWT systems are configured to cool by convection. Eliminating cooling fans saves energy and reduces production and operating costs. Along with being sturdy and designed to dissipate heat, GWT’s aluminum cabinets and firewalls are 100% recyclable. After a long service life, recycle your GWT system and keep the environment clean for future generations.  

All mechanical things wear out. There will come a time to retire your GWT system. Components and materials from that outgoing system might benefit someone else through recycling, reconfiguring or refurbishing. 

“All GWT systems operate in continuous decontamination. You never need to shut down your lab for cleaning, descaling or sanitizing.” 

— Judy Lindsey, President

Tremendous purification power is packed into GWT systems. The small frame and design architecture require fewer materials to assemble. The result is a more economical and space saving footprint. GWT systems use less square footage than other water purification systems.

GWT systems simplify your process. With fewer procedures, operating your lab becomes more economical and efficient.


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